Administrator Responsibilities

The software administrator will be responsible for maintaining backups of the system on removable and paper media.

Microlink PC Medical take no responsibility from loss of data due to failure to backup.

Closing the software

The administrator must ensure the software is closed at the end of each working day.

Backing Up

The administrator is responsible for ensuring that regular backups are made onto removable media, such as USB Drive, or CDROM.

In the event of hardware failure, such as hard-drive failure, the Electronic Controlled Drug Register will be able to restore itself from backup.

The use of regular backups to a safe location will ensure that the data can never be lost.


The administrator and all newly added users MUST change their password on first logging into the system.

Only administrators may add users and/or reset passwords. Users cannot be deleted once created.


Keeping the default password is a security hazard.

Printing Reports

The administrator is responsible for printing and maintaining regular printed reports of the data using the report printing functionality of the application.

Tampering With Software

The application must not be tampered with in any way. No files in the application directory should be edited, moved or deleted. Doing this may result in permanent loss of data.


All users of the application must undergo training in order to have the competence to use it. This training should at the minimum include reading this manual.

Online Updates

The online updater can be found in the backup/archive tab. Check daily for new updates.


The newsletter will inform you of any new updates.

After Sales

This operation is only to be done after purchase of the software has been completed.

To generate a key:

  • Click the backup / archive tab
  • Click the generate passport button
  • A window will appear with a long letter and number passport key
  • Copy and paste the whole key that appears in the new window into an email
  • Email to

To enter an activation key:

  • Click the backup / archive tab
  • Select the enter key button
  • Now copy and paste the key that has been sent to you from Microlink PC Medical (including == signs) into the blank field in the enter key window
  • Click ok and the key should be saved

Note: This can be a very tricky process and if you come across any problems we strongly encourage you to phone our technical support team.