Frequently Asked Questions

All questions below are also answered in our User Manual.

How do I update my software?

To update your software you will have to:

  • First, go to the Backup/Archive section of your software
  • On the left had side of this section you will see 5 buttons, click the Online Update button
  • If there is an update available you will see a window giving you the option to update, click the yes button
  • You will now have to wait as the update is installed
  • After installation you will be asked to sign back in and will then wait while to software retrieves your previous data
  • You will then be logged back in and your update is complete.

What is manual entry and why is it important?

Manual entry is the initial process of entering your stock into the Electronic Controlled Drugs Register. It is important to make sure the values you enter in here are exact and true to life, any mistakes made are hard to rectify after completing manual entry. If any mistakes are made during the manual entry process please contact our technical support team on or 02380 240 340.

I've created 2 of the same Methadone schedule, how do I cancel one schedule?

To cancel a schedule you will have to:

  • Go to the Methadone section of the software and select the list schedules tab
  • Click the show all button and select one of the repeated schedules
  • To the top right of the listed schedule there is a Cancel Schedule button
  • After clicking the cancel schedule button a tick will appear in the cancelled section
  • Your schedule is now cancelled and you will be unable to dispense for this schedule.

My Methadone schedules don't disappear when the course is finished, why are they still there? and how do I delete them?

All schedules and reports have to be kept on record and preserved for two years, however there is a way of sorting the records so that your most recent ones are at the top of the list. Underneath the show all button there is a heading saying created with an arrow next to it. Click the created heading until the arrow points upwards. Now all your most recent schedules are at the top of the list.