The Electronic Controlled Drugs Register provides a specially designed feature to assist pharmacists with the supply, dispensing and reporting of scheduled treatment.

Remove your scheduling headaches

Our scheduling package can enable you to create schedules for up to 48 days in advance and will manage both constant and variable doses within a schedule, saving you time working out what dosage to give everyday.
Repeat prescriptions
With patient and prescriber information already stored on the database, repeated prescriptions are made easier and save all the time you would originally have spent writing out all the repeated details on the old paper schedules.
Dispensing Schedules
Our software makes the dispensing of scheduled drugs much easier with all patients already listed, all you have to do is select the patient you are administering to and all the details are already filled in. Now all you need to do is say who is collecting the drug and whether they showed proof of identity or if you used your discretion.
Canceling Schedules
If a prescriber decides to terminate a prescription before the scheduled time our software allows you to cancel a schedule but will still keep the patient details, prescriber details and canceled schedule information saved on the system for you.
Time Saving
The scheduling feature will save you a great deal of time hand writing patient details, prescriber details and schedules. Our research tells us that the scheduling package can save you up to 4 hours a day in paperwork and dispensing drugs.

The Scheduling tab on the left hand side of the screen gives you instant access to a comprehensive treatment plan, including the configuration of new schedules, distribution of drugs and all listed schedules.

Our scheduling package was developed with the assistance of a pharmacy scheduling approximately 60 methadone patients a day, so this feature has been rigorously tested and approved of.

written by Jo Richardson, on 2008-03-04 16:48.