1,261 confirmed cases of swine flu and 1 death in the UK

The Scottish Government confirmed the death of a woman understood to be a 38-year-old mother on Sunday. There are now nearly 500 people confirmed with swine flu in the Scotland alone, out of approximately 1,261 cases in the UK.

The World Health Organisation have declared a flu pandemic after a large increase in the number of cases in Australia last week.

A flu expert form Imperial College London, Professor Peter Openshaw, has said that one in every three people infected would not be aware that they have swine flu because they would have little or no symptoms.

He also said that "about 98% of people who get infected will recover fully without any hospital treatment so I think the public needs to be reassured."

The government estimates that the UK has enough anti-viral drugs for 50% of the population but has plans to raise that figure to 80%.

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written by Jo Richardson, on 2009-06-15 11:30.