UK swine flu death total rises to 31

The latest unidentified swine flu victim, from the West Midlands, tested positive for the H1N1 virus but it is unclear how much it contributed to their death.

GSK, a pharmaceutical giant, that will be providing the UK's H1N1 vaccine alongside another company, Baxter International, have said that the first batches of the vaccine would not be available until September 2009.

"We are putting in an enormous effort to ensure our country is best prepared to deal with the international pandemic of swine flu" said the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, at a monthly press conference in Downing Street.

"Cases of swine flu in the UK have so far proved to be generally mild in most people but they have been severe amongst a small minority, mostly where patients have had underlying health problems."

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written by Jo Richardson, on 2009-07-23 10:00.