At the ECDR we want to support you and your software every step of the way.

From first installation through to the renewal of your support contract and all the things in between, our dedicated support team will endeavor to help you whatever the problem.

User Manual
Browse our User Manual online.
Download User Manual
A downloadable PDF version of our User Manual.
Quick Guide
A guide to the essentials needed to get your ECDR up and running.
Getting Started Guide
The getting started guide can help you with any problems you may occur the first time you use the ECDR.
Frequently Asked Questions
These are the answers to the most common questions our technical support team get asked.
Technical Help Details
Details of how to get in contact with the technical support team.
E-mail Support Requests
For email support fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Remote Support
Use TeamViewer software when advised by support for assistance via remote access.