All reports can be viewed, and printed.

For all reporting functions, select the reporting tab.

Viewing Reports

To view reports click the show all button.

To ration down your search enter a drug name and/or date.

Reporting main page

Previewing Reports

To preview a report simply click the preview button at the top of the reports page

Report preview

Printing Reports

In order to print a report you should:

  • Select the drug for which you wish to print a report
  • Choose the dates between which you want to print
  • Click the print report button
Print dialogue
  • Accept the print dialogue.


Printing large reports is liable to take a long time.

Saving Reports

To save your report to your computer before backing up:

  • Click the save report button
  • Choose what report(s) you want to save and press ok
Save dialogue
  • Select where you want to save your report and what you want to call it
  • Press the save button.